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Usual House Update

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Since the last post, my parents came to visit and see the house for themselves. Despite the fact both my dad and I had cameras in hand, we failed to take photos of anything but the house, so the usual update follows.

Our house has its beautiful new front door and the beginnings of a nice cedar fence.

When we first saw the fence posts, we were amazed by the generous size of the side yard, but didn’t it seem odd that the fence posts were right on the sidewalk? Apparently the developer also thought so, as they’ve insisted the builder move the fenceline in two feet.

Yesterday was a miserable, rainy day. So rainy, in fact, we had a river running through our garage. Though the threshold between porch and garage will be properly sealed soon, there’s no reason to have so much water standing on the porch any time it rains. To divert the current from three converging roof slopes, we’ve decided to get gutters. Dad, we promise you won’t ever have to clean them out!

Repairs large and small are underway on the interior. In the upstairs bathroom, we noticed that the ceiling and tile were not parallel, with a half inch discrepancy from one end of the narrow room to the other. Surprisingly, our builder discovered that the problem was not the tile but the ceiling. The sheetrock was cut, the framing corrected, and the resulting sliver patched. It now looks perfect!

Elsewhere, sheetrock repairs have been completed and the walls retextured. Later this week we should expect to see a new coat of paint on the walls. Yes, despite assurances from my mom, my aunt, Timothy’s sister, and our neighbor Will that summertime is not that bad or not that yellow, we decided to repaint now rather than later.

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