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Landscaping, Part 3

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The landscaping project is complete! To illustrate what a dramatic transformation it's been, this slideshow goes from early plantings in 2009 to pre-construction to the newly completed work.

Lisa Spangenberg with Garden Getaway Designs did a really lovely job of playing off the house, in many ways making its architecture seem more intentional. One of my favorites areas is the seating outside the fence, with trellises framing the kitchen window.

She also incorporated my love of color and texture with layers of varied plantings. There are a few open places left where the selected plants are not available until the spring.

Austin Brothers Fence installed the fence and on Monday stained it along with the existing understair enclosure. The metal panel at the corner will become a green wall of fragrant jasmine. Timothy mounted the Modern House Numbers for the apartment—they're big in the hopes that delivery drivers will see them!

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