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Landscaping, Part 2

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

So much has happened over the past two weeks, we have not managed to keep you updated. We were impressed that, true to their word, Southern Landscape Solutions completed the entire installation within two weeks' time, wrapping up a week ago. From bare dirt and concrete pavers at the end of Landscaping, Part 1, we got enriched soil, weed block, drip irrigation, raised planters, plants, and mulch. Flip through to see the progress.

The landscape by Garden Getaway Designs includes multiple weathering steel raised planters. It was fascinating to watch the precision work to plumb and level a forest of steel tubes, now concealed within the sleek planters.

The back patio with string lights is our favorite part. We put up the hammock and started enjoying it even before the fence went in this week. More to come on that front.

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