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Our Evil Twins

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Yesterday we met our evil twins. (Or perhaps we’re their evil twins… ?) They’re a young couple without kids but with three cats. I think my cat is enough of a handful to count as three. And they’re buying a Willie down the street from ours, with eerily similar design choices. Same ebony cabinets in the kitchen with a glass tile backsplash. Similar living room wiring set-up, with a spot already designated for a projector and conduit to take care of the TV in the meantime.

Speaking of evil, the black glass windows on the non-functioning dormer have gone in. I’ve never noticed that similar windows on other houses are not clear glass – it just looks like a very dark attic. Likely the only reason we now can tell they’re different is because we know they are.

Also, cladding on our window seat bump-out has been completed. All that remains on the exterior are a few pieces of trim, roofing, and some paint!

The other houses on our block are progressing nicely, with the exception of the two affordable homes. We’re hoping work starts on them soon so we don’t wind up moving in immediately adjacent to a construction site. Also, it would be nice to know who our next door neighbor will be!

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