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One Month Later

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Our house has been under construction for a month now, and we’ve got a week’s worth of photos to show you at once! We really have to stop slacking, because so much has happened – the last of the framing, roof decking and wall sheathing, hardiplank siding and shingles, windows…

Meanwhile, on the interior, most of the plumbing, air-conditioning ductwork, and air handler have been installed. Deviating from the earliest Willies constructed, they’ve moved the air handler from the highest part of the attic – above the second floor hallway – to outside the guest bedroom, where the water heater will also go. I imagine it will be much easier to service this way.

Briefly we thought that maybe, just maybe, we’d have a view all the way from the University of Texas Tower on the north down to the State Capitol and Frost Building on the south. Since this photo was taken from the guest room window, framing has gone up for the two-story at the end of the block, and the Tower is no longer visible. The Standard Pacific houses across the street may block the Frost Building (no big loss there), but I think we’ll still be able to see the Capitol when all is finished!

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