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Model Homes

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

David Weekley is building two model homes at Mueller, the Willie and the Antone, their largest plan. All of the houses under construction have gone up in no time. Once the foundation is poured, the prefabricated walls are put into place in a single day, with the roof trusses and framing following not far behind. Then comes the sheathing and roofing… These photographs are from a couple of days ago, so I’m sure it already looks vastly different.

The best thing about the Willie is the vaulted ceiling in the living room! It will make the house so much more bright, airy, and spacious feeling, and it reminds me of my parents’ house.

Another great feature is the breakfast nook, complete with window seat. I know where we’ll find the cat!

One small disappointment is that the dormer window on the front of the house will be false. Although the model home is a different elevation than ours, with its large front gable versus our side gable and dormer, the wall of the bathroom will still be too far back to be the front of the dormer. On the plus side, maybe we’ll be able to set up a darkroom!

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