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Good Things Come to Those Who Whine

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

While Elizabeth was on vacation in Houston, I was left to attend to the beginning stage of construction, namely placement of the form work for our foundation.

The layout of our floor plan is such that the backyard is pushed into the northeast corner of the lot, so to maximize our lot size upgrade from 37’x90′ to 44’x90′ our foundation needs to be off-center favoring the west side, thus giving our backyard an extra 7′ in width.

Last Wednesday, while I was on my way to visit my sister, I thought I’d swing by and view the empty lot one more time before the start of the construction on Friday. Much to my surprise they started early! The batter boards were already in place. And much to my dismay the foundation was centered on the lot, adding 3′ to the already unusable side yard to the west of the house.

A phone call to Stan, our builder, led me to confirm a fear that the developer, Catellus, who dictates the overall look of the development, wouldn’t want the house to deviate from the original plan. But Stan managed to talk them into letting him move the foundation. Much to my vindication.

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