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Construction Progress Photos

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

From this past Saturday until the house is complete, Timothy and I plan to take the same two photos every day to show the progress of construction. In order to get the shot framed properly, we used another Willie further along as a model, and then discretely marked the same position for the tripod in front of our house. The marking is so discrete, in fact, you can’t see anything if it’s not midday.

For the time being, the photos will largely consist of the houses behind us and sky, but you’ll be able to watch the transformation…

from this…

to this!

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got plumbing! Or sewer pipes, at least. Construction is also progressing on the other houses in our block, but ours is by far the furthest along.

A few blocks away, they’ve started the row houses on Zach Scott, a major street with bike lanes that connects to Airport Blvd.

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