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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

We’ve got front steps, interior paint, and tile.

The paint is… yellow. When we first saw it, we thought surely there had been a mistake. We didn’t expect “summertime” to be so… summery. Following a trip to the David Weekley Design Center and the Pittsburgh/Monarch paint store, we were certain it couldn’t be the color we’d chosen. On the color swatch, summertime was a pleasant, light beige, cooler than some of the tans we’d picked up for comparison. Hold it up to the wall, and it disappears.

Looking at other houses currently under construction, the color we had envisioned summertime would be is “calumet” (not to be confused with Calumet). We’ve asked our sales consultant to price what it would take to repaint the house. But I don’t think we’re going to do it, given how much it likely will cost, especially since the tile floors have gone in.

In choosing what we thought was a light, neutral color, the idea was to have a backdrop for various accent walls and minimize the amount of painting we would feel compelled to do after the fact. As it is now, we may wind up repainting nearly every surface, ceilings included, before we move in. It’s really depressing.

At least we are happy with the tile, even if the tile guys think I’m crazy!

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