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2000 Year Old Technology at Work

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Our concrete pour happened this morning, rather than Monday as previously mentioned. Apparently concrete contractors, like the rest of us, don’t want to work New Year’s Eve. But, 7 AM means 7 AM! When we arrived shortly after 8 this morning, most of the foundation was already complete, leaving only the porch, garage, and a small portion of the house to be poured.

We waited for the arrival of the sixth of seven concrete trucks, and then watched as the last of the house and front porch were poured.

Overeager homebuyers that we are, we came back at lunch to watch as the finished surface of the slab was prepared.

After work, our builder Stan saw us yet again at the construction site. When we asked if we could walk on the slab, his response was that if we didn’t sink up to our knees, then yes.

As soon as tomorrow, we may have walls on top of our shiny new foundation! The prefabricated tilt-up walls and floor joists also arrived today, and are presently sitting on the vacant lot across McCloskey Street.

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