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The Grass Is Always Greener

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Our grass is green. Really green, especially given the half-dead sod we started with. So, what’s our trick? I have to warn you, it stinks…

One of our neighbors, Dusty, a master gardener, had recommended spreading compost as an alternative to fertilizing our lawns. We decided to give it a try, and with my parents went out to Texas Disposal Systems to get a truckload of compost, along with a truckload of mulch for the flowerbeds and trees. Their pricing list included Texas Organic Products (TOP) compost, made from clippings, and premium compost. We’d intended to buy the TOP compost, but premium must be better, right? The pricing sheet mentioned that it is used by TxDOT, which sounded like a good enough endorsement for a landscaping product.

The description also included “Class A biosolids.” Having no idea what biosolids are, and swayed by the other two points, I ordered the premium stuff. As we transported it back home and spread it over the lawn, I wondered how something presumably made of plant matter smelled so much like manure. The stench lasted for a few days.

Also called Alamo-Gro, the premium compost is made from San Antonio’s treated sewage. Gross, but perfectly safe, it has worked wonders for the lawn. Just take a look at the yard of the house under construction across the street and you’ll see how impressive the transformation has been.

There’s construction on both sides of our corner lot. David Weekley Homes is building on Scales (first photo below), and Standard Pacific has houses on McCloskey (second photo). Can you guess which builder started first?

Just before we moved into our home in April, Standard Pacific already had houses framed, while David Weekley’s lots were still bare dirt.

By late May, Weekley had the framing up for the corner lot, with foundations ready to pour down the street. They’ve gone up in next to no time and will soon be complete, while Standard Pacific’s homes seem to move along at a snail’s pace. I suppose different builders just have different ways of doing things, but it will be nice when the construction near us is over. I’m looking forward to actually sleeping in again on the weekends. Bad news is that one of the StanPac lots only recently sold, meaning at least 8 more months of torture before they’re done.

Further afield, some builders have started houses in Phase 2. We’ll have to take some photos to share here soon. And on the northern edge of the old airport, construction has started on the water tower for reclaimed water to serve the parks and green spaces of the development.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to share more photos of the new light, where you can actually see it in context. It looks great with all the stainless appliances in the kitchen, but the light over the breakfast table has to go. Please share any ideas you have for the replacement. We want something understated, that harmonizes with the vintage fixture but does not compete with it.

Also, if you want the lamps we’re replacing, they’re for sale on Craigslist. So far only one spammer has been interested.

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