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Panic! (First Design Center Appointment)

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Yikes! The Design Center coordinator just called to schedule our first of two appointments. They request that you schedule one during the week, I’m sure because everyone wants the weekend slots, but they don’t make any appointments starting after 5:00. So, rather than take time off during my first week at the new job, I’ll be ending my last day of the current job early, with our Design Center appointment from 3:00-5:00 TOMORROW!

We still have so much planning to do! We’ve been gathering magazine and catalog clippings of home interiors we like and have a good assortment already. Tonight, from the end of the work day until they kick us out at 10:00, we’ll visit the Architecture Library at UT to find (and scan) more images. Then we’ve got to arrange all of this in a coherent presentation to show the designer.

We also need to prioritize which options we absolutely can’t do without, and what we might be willing to cut in favor of something else. Our budget is tiny, our taste is expensive, and we’re planning to make some cosmetic changes later since we can’t do it all now. Perhaps I’ll post some of our ideas this evening once Timothy and I have had a chance to discuss everything and pull our thoughts together!

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