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Finishing Touches

Over the last month, we also put the finishing touches on the apartment. This included fully outfitting the kitchen and getting additional decorative items. Every time it seemed the end was in sight, we thought of something else. It helps to have a deadline!

The pandemic affected how we were able to shop. Where we would have browsed local stores and art studios, we relied on curbside pickup or shipping. We depended on major retailers more than I'd envisioned but also managed to support local small businesses, including:

And small businesses elsewhere, as well:

  • Modern House Numbers sells the coolest numbers, plus has great customer service

  • Color Cord sells lamp cord in every color imaginable, plus all the accessories needed for custom lights

  • Gneiss Spice sells hexagonal magnetic spice jars we couldn't resist

  • Dot & Rose sells deceptively simple wooden home goods, and also has great customer service

We're happy—and relieved—with how it all came together.

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