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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Towards the end of February, there were a couple of small snowstorms in Austin – not enough to stick, of course. Recently, though, the weather has been beautiful, and we’ve been enjoying it.

Thanks to my parents, we have a gorgeously repainted vintage slider on our front porch. I spent hours cleaning the aluminum arms and steel base until they shine, and a neighbor recently mistook it for new.

Sitting on the slider with some limeade, we can enjoy all of the flowers. The perennials we bought at the Wildflower Center plant sale last spring and the irises from my parents’ house are blooming.

The jasmine on the back fence never ceases to amaze with how many flowers it has.

A few weeks ago, my dad and Timothy dug up the Monterrey oak in the side yard. It was a healthy tree but far too large for the location – only a few feet from the house, it could grow to 35′ wide at maturity. Last weekend, Timothy and I replaced it with a dwarf redskin peach, which will only be about 10′ wide and tall at maturity. It’s tiny but hopefully will grow and produce fruit in a few years.

The pets have also been enjoying the beautiful weather. Even my timid cat has ventured out to roll around in the grass.

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