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Wandering Around Phase I

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Phase I of residential construction is at the southwest corner of the old Mueller airport, near the intersection of E. 38 1/2 St. and Airport Blvd. It’s bordered on three sides by expansive parks – the Lake Park to the north and the Southwest Greenway. Additional phases of residential construction will follow to the east and northeast. Some commercial development along Interstate-35 is already completed and open, and a town center and market district will be built to the north of the residential areas. Unfortunately the master plan is out of date, but the Mueller website should be updated soon.

Six builders are involved in Phase I: David Weekley Homes (163 houses), Meritage Homes (52), the Muskin Comany (6), Saldana Homes (6), Standard Pacific (84), and Streetman Homes (37). Different plan types include row houses (63), yard houses (273), and garden court houses (12). David Weekley is building both affordable and market rate row and yard houses, with the affordable homes seamlessly interspersed with the rest.

Although our lot is still as barren as can be, construction is underway around it. The block just to the north contains garden court homes, constructed by two different builders – Muskin and Saldana. The garden court consists of two rows of houses that face an open interior courtyard rather than a street. We’ll share an alley with the Muskin homes.

Standard Pacific and Streetman are building the largest, most expensive homes in Phase I. StanPac has 45′ x 90′ lots, while Streetman has 55′ x 90′ lots. Both builders fill most of that space with the houses, but they’re generally near the various parks. Meritage and David Weekley both have 37′ x 90′ lots, but with the extra 7′ as a corner lot, ours will be just about as big as the StanPac lots across the street! We ventured into one of the Streetman homes recently, and they have some really impressive interior features.

Speaking of parks, work is underway for the pocket park that will serve our portion of the neighborhood. There’s a huge pit where the pool will go, and the plumbing and foundation are being laid out for the poolhouse. Sizable trees have also been transplanted for this park and the larger Lake Park to the north.

The sidewalks say “Mueller”!

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