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The New Space Race

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

We’ve almost finished putting everything away, and suddenly our house has a lot of empty space that needs to be filled with more furniture. Half our neighborhood is heading up to IKEA with a U-Haul for tax-free weekend, which could be dangerous. We shouldn’t stimulate the economy too much with our stimulus checks, since we have an insurance deductible to cover in the near future.

One of the IKEA-going neighbors has a little extra in his pocket from our purchase of this really awesome sputnik lamp. Apparently Aaron (or Mrs. Aaron) thought he had too many. How could such a thing be possible?

After Timothy wired on a new cord, we hung it, took it down, and rehung it three times. That tiny ball in the center is a tight fit for twelve arms worth of wiring, and our efforts to cram it all back in there had created a short. For inexpensive repairs of lighting problems you created yourself, we recommend the Fixture Shop. It’s next door to the giant head with the light bulb on top on Burnet Road. The sputnik now looks amazing hovering over our stairs.

In other home improvement news, we’ve been searching for the right green mosaic blend for the kitchen backsplash. We need to put something up quickly because presently there is nothing to protect the sheetrock and no caulk around the edge of the countertop. Between Timothy’s Uncle Gary and the guy at the Tile Guy telling us how easily we could do it ourselves, we’re almost convinced. We may attempt a smaller project in the half bath – a backsplash for the pedestal sink – to gain some confidence first.

The cat would like to contribute to the kitchen decor, but she doesn’t quite fit in with the vintage coffeemakers.

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