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There's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like sunshine.

The yellow door opens to more pops of yellow, with a geometric wall sconce and faceted concrete pendants on yellow cloth cords.

This swag light was our solution to not finding an off-the-shelf fixture that worked well with the intersecting slopes of the vaulted ceiling and dormer. Timothy rewired pendant lights using cord, hooks, and a canopy from

With COVID-19 disrupting manufacturing and shipping worldwide, it seems we got the last two of these concrete pendants in the United States in March. The third remains on back-order, with an estimated delivery in September. In the meantime, an inexpensive IKEA light will do the trick.

Instead of lamps, woven bamboo pendant lights will keep the bedside tables clear.

Our helper today did not document much of the punch list but did get some artsy shots.

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