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Spring is Here!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Of our trees, the little Carolina Hawthorne budded out first. The leaves start off with a reddish cast and later turn bright green.

The sycamores and other trees are standing free now that we’ve removed their stakes.

This chinquapin oak, which we feared would die after last spring’s hail damage, seems to be doing fine.

Mom and Dad, we’ve found a new place for you to live in our development. Streetman is building row houses along Berkman, the main north-south artery through the neighborhood. They’ll be right on the future streetcar line and across what will hopefully be a small corner market at the base of the tower. The downstairs plans are open enough to serve as a photo studio, and some will have a separate entrance for an office.

The future of the tower is still in limbo. The developer has said that stabilization will come first, followed by restoration of the exterior. Let’s hope the new barbed wire fence is at least somewhat effective at deterring further vandalism.

Elsewhere, the Parade of Homes is progressing towards its May deadline. On the left is the Barley & Pfeiffer house, on the right our favorite, designed by Michael Hsu.

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