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David Weekley’s Construction Progress

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Residential construction is moving along rapidly at Mueller. Although David Weekley got a later start than Meritage Homes, they’re beginning to catch up. David Weekley has three block faces of homes in various stages of construction – some with exteriors nearly completed, others where they’re preparing to pour slabs. The staggered building keeps the various sub-contractors busy at any given time.

David Weekley is rushing to complete their two model homes. They have nearly finished exteriors and rapidly progressing interiors. All of the Willies under construction presently, including the model, are Facade C. Ours will be a B, but we have to wait until they start work on the other side of the streets to see what one will look like.

Wednesday, the insulation was installed in the Willie model. By the end of the day Thursday, they’d already put up the sheetrock!

As construction has moved along on the models, David Weekley decided to make some changes to Willie plan. They’re enlarging the two upstairs bedrooms, which is great since they were fairly small before. In reconfiguring the closet space to make the bedrooms bigger, the designers made some questionable decisions. One closet is half the size it was before to accommodate an existing location of a/c ducts, and both rooms have attic access doors in the rooms rather than concealed within the closets. While of course it’s vital we be able to get to the water heater, it would be nice to have more flexibility in furniture arrangement than we now will. Not to mention it doesn’t exactly look nice. On the plus side, in the master closet we’ll have access to storage under the stairs, a change we thought we’d have to do ourselves later.

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