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Basil, Part 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

With the walls and trim complete, I am relieved the colors came together as we envisioned.


Update, 11/25/2020: We've had people asking about our paint colors, and I realized I had only identified the cabinet color in the previous post. The paints are Sherwin Williams. The cabinets are SW 6194 Basil. The walls are SW 7570 Egret White. The trim is SW 7757 Highly Reflective White (as a word of warning, this paint is the base without any added tint, and it took multiple coats to look right). The ceiling stain is Minwax 455 Pine Ridge. The front door is SW 6684 Brittlebush.

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Enrique Gomez
Enrique Gomez

Looks gorgeous!

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