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Bamboo Flooring, Part 2

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

We’ve been too busy working on the floors and painting upstairs to post about it! Before we get another room finished, here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

Installing wood flooring in the bedrooms was easy. Installing it on the landing and stairs took more work and ingenuity. On the landing, Timothy undercut the trim boards for the railing and shaved off the tops of the flooring board edges to let them slip underneath. Then he glued these edges in place. The other sides of the landing have baseboards that allow for expansion of the floating flooring.

Taking the carpet off the stairs was only the first step in preparing them for the wood flooring. The lumber treads stuck out beyond the risers and had to be cut off with a circular saw and the ends finished with a chisel. In addition to covering the treads with flooring and nosing, we used thin plywood to cover the particle board and tidy up the risers.

The whole endeavor has made plenty of use of our new table saw!

The end result looks gorgeous!

We’ve also painted the nursery a warm yellow-orange that complements the floor. Our baby boy is due to arrive in March!

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