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Thank You

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Two months after we moved into our house, we wanted to say a few words of thanks to the people who made it possible.

Kara, our sales consultant, made the homebuying process a lot of fun. She was always friendly and welcoming; regardless of how busy her day was, she made time for us, even if it was just to chat. At first, we were cautious, but she quickly won our trust and friendship.

Stan, our builder, was happy to give thorough answers to our questions, and never treated them as naive. He addressed all our issues, no matter how trivial, whether an explanation or a change to the house. He put up with our twice daily visits, and often stopped by to talk about the progress. Both Stan and Kara went to exceptional lengths to make sure we were completely happy with our home.

And Matt, our realtor, came to every meeting, whether he was needed or not. He sat through tedious home walk-throughs, even though he technically was only required to attend when we signed the contract. Before we decided to buy at Mueller, he took us to many houses on the market, all of which we dismissed as not quite right. We appreciated his patience and all of the guidance he gave us.

Thanks, Kara, Stan, and Matt! We love our home!

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