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Easter Bunny

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The front facade of our house is simple; its primary features are box columns and triangle knee braces reminiscent of 1920s Craftsman-style homes. For over a month, we’ve had the wrong knee braces. They’d be fine on a more elaborate house, but here they were much too small to be attention-getting. Now they’ve been superseded by much more impressive knee braces, and simplified versions added to the dormer.

We also have gutters and a sprinkler system, and the fence has been finished. Now we just need some grass and plants.

The inside of the house has been covered with blue tape, denoting most problems we’d noticed and quite a few we would not otherwise have seen. We’ve been watching as corrections are made, and the house moves incrementally closer to being finished.

Timothy actually wrote this in an email to our builder: “I peeked inside the scuttle hole [to the attic] and it seems rather barren, like it needs something… something fluffy, like a bunny, but a bunny you shoot through a tube.”

Our pink fluffy bunny came just in time for us to say “Happy Easter!”

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